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Due to the pandemic the Special Course "Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education - Orff-Schulwerk" cannot be offered in 2021. It is planned to hold the next Special Course from October 2022 - June 2023.


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This university course addresses pedagogues at a post-graduate level from all over the world who have already had training or experience in music and dance education based on the pedagogical concepts of Orff-Schulwerk.

It offers experienced music and dance teachers an intensive and concentrated setting in one of the world‘s most well-known integrative methods in music and dance pedagogy based on Orff-Schulwerk that has been further developed according to contemporary aesthetic education. The participants, coming from different cultural backgrounds, will be encouraged to transfer and adapt this pedagogy to the specific needs of their own cultures.

Directors: Univ.Prof.Helge Musial, Andrea Ostertag,  MA, Shirley Salmon,MPhil., Mag. Doris Valtiner


Entrance Requirements

A completed course of study in music and/or dance pedagogy at an undergraduate level in a home or foreign institution with a diploma or degree. Proof of teaching experience in the area of music and dance pedagogy for a period of at least three years.

Proof of fluency in the English language, both written and spoken.


List of Teachers

Mirjam Bauer (Salzburg) Stefanie Blauensteiner (Rankweil) Ruth Burmann (Salzburg) Christa Coogan (Munich) Ari Glage (Salzburg) Moritz Guttmann (Salzburg) Berit Jentzsch (Berlin) Magdalena Kriss-Heinrich (München/Berlin) Maria Loos (Salzburg) Sofía Lopez-Ibor (Madrid/San Francisco), Florian Müller (Salzburg) Helge Musial (Salzburg) Andrea Ostertag (Salzburg) Irina Pauls (Salzburg) Soili Perkiö (Helsinki) Susanne Rebholz (Salzburg) Shirley Salmon (Salzburg/Graz) Andrea Sangiorgio (Rome/Munich) Polo Vallejo (Madrid) Doris Valtiner-Pühringer (Salzburg) Reinhold Wirsching (Salzburg/Linz) Michel Widmer (Salzburg) Emine Yaprak-Kotzian (Nürnberg) and others


Univ.Prof.Helge Musial, Andrea Ostertag,  MA, Shirley Salmon,MPhil., Mag. Doris Valtiner


Broschure for further information:Special course 

For further information please contact: Shirley.Salmon@moz.ac.at / Andrea.Ostertag@moz.ac.at